This page is created to share memories including text and videos from Alumni about Acacia.  Enjoy! 🙂 


1955 Founders Day Banquet booklet (source: Justin Stine #1171)

This booklet was found while cleaning up a room in the fratnerity and we have it to share with you.  Notice all the detailed events and work they went through to publish this booklet for the event!

Link to PDF:

1955 Journal Star Acacia Article (source: Justin Stine #1171)

Night burlgars take betwen 20 cents and $25!


1969 and 1970 memories (source: Bob George #673)


2023 Reunion of 2018 pledge class (source: Hayden Lassek, #1364)

2018 pledge class

From left to right: Hayden Lassek (1364), Tyler Prow (1365), Colton Abramo (1366), Joey “Juice” Kaplan (1368), Jordan Talmon (1369), Chris Broderick (1370), and Thomas Ringler (1372).

Location: 12/16/2023 at Joey and Tyra Kaplan’s Wedding in Bennington, NE.

Note: This contains 7 of 11 of the Fall 2018 pledge class, the most we’ve had in one place since graduating!